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**Know BEFORE you buy**

❧ Vacant Land:
  -Feasibility Study
  -Ecological Assessment
  -Required for lots over 0.50 acre

**Already Purchased?

❧ Building Permit Denied?
 Protected species permitting / relocation
  -Ecological Assessment
  -Required for lots over 0.50 acre

❧ Clearing Permit Denied?
 I'll help you understand your options
  -Ecological Assessment
  -Gopher Tortoise Burrow Avoidance
  -Wetland Setback / Impact Avoidance

❧ Waterfront Property?
 Dock / Seawall
 Restrictions and limitations



❧ Protected Species Surveys, Permitting

❧ Local, State, & Federal Permitting

❧ Environmental Due Diligence / Feasibility

❧ Vegetation & Habitat Mapping



❧ Residential Custom Builders

❧ Commercial Developers

❧ Individual Property Owners

❧ Real Estate Agents -
Buyers' Agents
Sellers' Agents

Things to consider BEFORE making an offer on a parcel:

Florida is a "Buyer Beware" state. Environmental Due Diligence sounds confusing, but you owe it to yourself to know what you are making an offer on

Are there protected species? Gopher Tortoise burrows? Is the parcel in Scrub Jay territory? Bald Eagle nest? Burrowing Owls?

Are there "Grand" or "Heritage" trees on the parcel? Can they be preserved/avoided? Estimated impact to Tree Permit fees.

Are there wetlands on the property? Will they impact building plans?

If on the water, are there mangroves present? Do you plan to build a dock, boardwalk, or seawall? Is the water part of an aquatic preserve?

At Your Service


Free Consultation

Gopher Tortoise

Gopher Tortoise

County/FWC Coordination
Environmental Evaluation

Environmental Evaluation

Assessment for building / clearing permits
Assessment for rezoning
Wetland Identification / Delineation
Protected Species Habitat Mapping
Feasibility Study

Waterfront Property

Waterfront Property

Dock / Seawall
Mangrove Trimming
Coastal Construction Control Line(CCCL)

Protected Species

Protected Species

Burrowing Owl Permitting
Florida Scrub Jay Surveys
Bald Eagle Management Plans
Bald Eagle Monitoring
& More

Our Mission

Our job is to make your job easier.

Your project timeline is important to us.
We focus on identifying and resolving the issues while minimizing the impact to your schedule.

Your time is valuable.
We can help clarify the sometimes confusing regulatory and permitting requirements.

Serving all of Central and Southwest Florida, headquartered in Charlotte County.

Proud member of:
Society of Wetland Scientists
Ecological Society of America
Gopher Tortoise Council
Florida Master Naturalist
Orianne Society

Suncoast Ecological Services, LLC
is certified as a Florida Veteran Business Enterprise (FVBE)
and is 100% woman owned.

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